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Irish Eyes were shining down on us!

St Patrick's Night 16 March 2018. Well what a turn out, in fact sold out!! 

    Thanks to you all who supported us from Stoke, the neighbouring villages and beyond.... You made the event a fantastic and very successful evening.   Next morning, I heard there was a vibrant buzz in the village store and complimentary messages were added to the Nextdoor site. 

    The local group “DIASPORA” entertained with their repertoire of Irish and variety of tunes that had us singing and dancing to late in the evening.   Committee members and their respective families supplied the delicious Irish stew and scrummy Guinness cake, not to leave out, the efficient catering and drinks service which helped the evening flow.

The funds raised will be added to the pot for the continued upkeep and general maintenance of the Stoke st Gregory village hall, to which we are very proud.    Given the popularity of the evening, we are sure similar events will be added to the programme of events for the coming months and years. 

   Here are a few memories from the evening:

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