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The Williams Hall Charity

    The “new” Stoke St Gregory village hall - the Williams Hall - was opened in 2006. The project to replace the old hall was largely funded through the efforts of those in the village who passionately believed in a facility to serve and support the local community. This continues to be the primary purpose and the facilities are extensively used by many local groups. While fulfilling this principal role the hall has also been extensively used as a venue for meetings, conferences, private parties and wedding receptions.

    These provide an important revenue stream which supports improvement and maintenance of the facilities. The Trustees aim to maximise these external bookings, all the while balancing the priority of local Stoke St Gregory use. All enquiries are welcome and we make every effort to exercise flexibility so that we maximise the number of people that can be welcomed to and benefit from the Hall.

    The old hall was much appreciated but had severe shortcomings, particularly disabled access. Serious fundraising started in 2000 following a survey to identify what the villagers wanted from a new hall. Building on the new site began late in 2005 and was completed in the summer of 2006. In all the project cost £500,000.


Stoke St Gregory Village Hall is a Registered Charity (The Williams Memorial Hall – Registered No 266528). The original hall, a converted barn, had been donated by a Miss Williams in 1931. The objective of the Trust is, in the quaint language of the Trust Deed.


"The provision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of Stoke St Gregory without distinction of political, religious or other opinions”.

Stoke St Gregory Village -

    Stoke St Gregory is a large dispersed village in mid-Somerset 12 miles east of Taunton, 10 miles from Bridgwater and 5 miles from Langport. The Village is ideally situated in the heart of Somerset, a straightforward 10 mile drive from J25 of the M5 - FIND US There is a limited bus service to Taunton and North Curry, but no service to Bridgwater or Langport.

    The population of 942 lives in 398 households. About 20% of the population are aged 0-15, and 20% are OAPs; 64% of the households are single or two-person. We have a thriving Church of England Primary School, Parish Church, Baptist Chapel, Village Shop and two Pubs. The Surgery and Post Office are in North Curry 3 miles away. The Hall is the only large community space in the Village.


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Stoke Stampede - a now famous10k road race around the village on the first Sunday after Christmas.


The Charitable Trust
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